James B. Sprayberry Is Here for You

James B. Sprayberry Is Here for You

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James B. Sprayberry has lived in Auburn, Alabama for his entire life. He graduated from Auburn High School in 1970 and Auburn University in 1973. After graduating from the University of Alabama School of Law in 1977, he began practicing law in his hometown.

Attorney Sprayberry has more than 34 years of legal experience in Auburn and Lee County. He was a special assistant attorney general under two governors. He’s been a substitute prosecutor and substitute public defender for Auburn City Court.

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Attorney Sprayberry has represented hundreds of defendants in misdemeanor and felony cases in city, state and federal court. The longest criminal trial he worked on was a drug case that lasted two-and-a-half weeks in federal court.

His longest civil case was filed in 2002 against a quarry for causing sinkholes and blast damage to homes. We represented approximately 30 families, a county and a city. In 2004, we tried part of the case for two weeks and obtained a $1.1 million verdict. After an appeal, all cases were settled in 2007 and 2008.

Attorney Sprayberry represented the state of Alabama in approximately 60 condemnation cases and tried a handful of them with juries.

In 2014, he represented a student charged with having sex with a minor. Before a grand jury, he gathered evidence and proved to law enforcement and prosecutors that they had arrested the wrong man. All charges were dismissed.

In 2015, attorney Sprayberry represented a couple charged with child abuse due to a spiral fracture of the child’s left arm. He gathered evidence and recent medical articles to prove there was no indication of abuse. The charges were dismissed.

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