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Focus On Your Future

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Dealing with a divorce is emotionally exhausting and stressful. You need an experienced divorce lawyer who will keep your best interests in mind while walking you through the entire legal process.

James B. Sprayberry Attorney at Law handles divorce law in Auburn, AL and the surrounding area, including Lee County. We've handled more than 1,000 divorce cases during more than three decades of legal practicing. The largest parties had assets of more than $15 million.

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5 reasons to hire a divorce lawyer

Going through a divorce can be a confusing and complicated process. You'll be making decisions that affect the rest of your life. A reputable divorce lawyer will help you with:

  1. Understanding the law and court process
  2. Providing unbiased advice without involving emotions
  3. Taking care of any necessary paperwork
  4. Suggesting options for settlement or potential outcomes
  5. Helping you focus on the big picture - your future

Resolve your family problems as quickly as possible. Contact James B. Sprayberry Attorney at Law today to learn more about divorce law in Auburn, AL.