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A Theft Conviction Can Rob You Of Your Future

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A first-time misdemeanor theft conviction will stain your good record. A felony conviction could be far more serious. Under Alabama's three strikes law, you could face life in prison without the possibility of parole.

A criminal defense lawyer from James B. Sprayberry Attorney at Law will take your case very seriously. We'll gather evidence to build a rock-solid defense against the prosecution.

Don't risk your future over a false accusation or poor choice. Talk to a theft lawyer in Auburn, AL today.

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The defense may claim that the alleged theft was simply an honest misunderstanding. The defendant may claim they thought they were taking their own belongings, or that they took the item without realizing it. The theft lawyer at James. B. Sprayberry Attorney at Law has years of experience as a criminal defense lawyer. That means our legal team:

  • Knows how the other side of the aisle thinks
  • Will be able to predict their moves
  • Can counter their arguments easily
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